Zina's Facial Bootcamp

Zina sees each skin as unique, and will work tirelessly to create a precise program to revamp and refresh each of her client's skin.


You can now purchase a six-week Facial Bootcamp program to benefit from Zina's expertise for your skin care goals. Our programs target different major skin care needs, such as anti-aging and acne. And for brides-to-be, Zina has created the Bridal Facial Bootcamp to transform skin into its healthiest and most pristine state for that special day.

Zina's four-layered structured approach is carefully designed to clear up existing skin issues, while preventing any further damage:



This first level is essential in removing impurities and dead skin cells. Skin needs to be corrected in order for new, glowing skin to come to the surface. This level includes either a rejuvenating highly active enzyme fruit acid and herbal peel, or particle free microdermabrasion, depending on your skin.


In the third level, skin needs to be rejuvenated and fed with essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. This level includes a powerful combination of Placenta Cell Therapy and Oxygen Infusion with Hyaluronic Acid, both of which produces collagen and prepares the skin to become younger and healthier.


In the second level, skin needs to be stimulated in order to increase blood circulation, and collagen and elastin production. This level includes Microcurrent, LED Light Therapy, and a Special Skin Exercise and Facial Massage, all of which work together to deeply lift and tighten the skin.


In the fourth level, we create strategies tailored to your skin and lifestyle in order to help you protect your skin at all times. You will be taught to take care of your skin from the inside and outside. That is, we will recommend a healthy diet and skincare regime for your skin, and chirally correct SPF Protection.


Our 6-Week Facial Bootcamp Transformation Programs





At Zina's Skin Care, we believe that your skin is unique, and our programs reflect our skin care philosophy. Our reward is to make each woman that walks into our boutique love what they see in the mirror. 

Repair your skin. It is never too early or too late to talk to your esthetician about designing a Facial Bootcamp program just for you. Call us to make an appointment today!