About Zina Janashvili

Head Esthetician


Zina Janashvili started her career as a young pharmacist in Georgia, Russia and became increasingly fascinated with skin care and beauty. She studied skincare with one of Georgia’s top dermatologists while working as a pharmacist and it wasn’t long before she began combining her new passion with her expertise as a chemist to create homemade skin creams.

After coming to New York, she earnestly continued her studies in skin care graduating from the Christine Valmy International School of Skin Care Esthetics as well as earning her CIDESCO diploma, the most prestigious beauty qualification in the world, to become an international skin therapist certified in 54 countries.

The depth and breadth of her experiences in the skin care industry are what constitute her expertise as a skin care therapist. Her oxygen treatment, unique to those on the market, and one of the top luxury facial treatments today, is thanks to Michelle Peck, Madonna’s personal esthetician and facialist to the stars.

She gained experience from Michelle in using the Intraceuticals line, as well as the vitamins necessary to boost skins regenerative functions. Michelle performs the Intraceuticals oxygen facial to Madonna in order to keep her face looking hydrated and youthful.

Zina received top training at the Guinot Skin Care Institute in Paris where she was trained in the highest quality, cutting edge skin care technology. Her customized Hydradermie facial, loved by many of her clients, utilizes Guinot’s renowned precise galvanic current to deeply deliver vitamins and minerals beneath the skin. Results are extraordinary and most clients don’t realize how deep a therapist needs to penetrate for optimum clarity, repair and glow. Zina has the secret.

After 25 years, her passion for skincare remains strong. She uses her pharmaceutical background, her European training, and the latest technology to expertly analyze skin and customize treatments for all skin types, no matter how challenging. Her signature services are tailor made for each client and their personal goals.

A world-class skin care expert using cutting edge technology delivering some of the most innovative treatments available, Zina has a fantastic reputation among her clients some traveling from other states and countries to maintain their results that she has garnered for them.