Stem Cell Therapy


90 minutes

A luxury facial that slows down the skin’s aging process by creating new tissue and cells in the place of damaged cells, creating younger looking skin that is hydrated and intensely nourished.

“The Best Placenta Facial in NYC”

The placenta facial not only slows down the skin’s aging process, creating younger looking skin, but also makes the skin healthier. After the first treatment, this anti-aging and anti-inflammatory facial removes existing wrinkles and improves the overall health of the skin.

The Placenta cell extract contains many amino acids and vitamins, including the all B vitamins and 300 different enzymes, which easily penetrate the skin and increase the production of collagen and elastin. It lightens the skin in three ways, by suppressing melanin synthesis, removing existing discolorations, and oxygenating the skin. Placenta also has anti-inflammatory properties, which minimize large pores, clear existing acne, and prevent future blemishes. Additionally, the natural hyaluronic acid used in this facial is a water-binding agent that is intensely hydrating. It plumps the skin with moisture, stimulates epidermal cell migration, and increases collagen production. Extractions are performed if necessary.

This nutrient-dense, artfully designed facial nourishes and heals the skin while preventing and removing wrinkles, acne scars, and stimulating cell renewal. The Luxury Placenta Facial is the crème de la crème and “The Best Placenta Facial in NYC”; you can definitely expect shocking results after just one treatment.