Zina's Skin Care in the press.


THE INSIDER   |  Well-Being
By Trisha S. McMahon

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In a city with as many spas and salons as Starbucks and banks, it's refreshing to find Aphrodite Skin Care, an unassuming boutique spa that specializes in good, old fashioned skin care, with a high-tech twist. Impeccably clean, the full-service, second-floor sanctuary is neatly tucked into a discrete corner opposite Luba's Hair Salon.
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By Carrie Watson

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Fans of Guinot's Hydradermie Treatment will be excited to hear that the company has updated the Hydradermie technology for the first time since it debuted in 1965. Featured at Aphrodite Skin Care NYC (New York City), the treatment utilizes a galvanic current that allows active skincare ingredients contained in the six different Hydradermie gels to penetrate the skin.
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THE INSIDER   |  Well-Being
By Lee Fryd's

Zina combines an old world sensibility, working with the highest grade organic products she finds in Europe, with a chemist's expertise. She had been a pharmacist in Georgia, Russia, studying skin care with her dermatologist and giving facials as a hobby. She came to New York, in 1993, where she continued those studies in earnest, graduating from the Christine Valmi School, and then getting a Cidesco diploma as an international skin therapist certified in 54 countries. 
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New York Magazine  |  Beauty & Spa
By Chanize Thorpe

Although Madonna has never set foot in this one-room treatment center, her name is frequently mentioned by its sole technician, particularly in reference to the O2 Intraceutical Oxygen Treatment. Apparently, the Material Girl has touted the benefits of oxygen facials so much that the spa invested in the rejuvenation system as a fountain-of-youth alternative to Botox.
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New York's Upper East Side|  Facial Fresh
By Julie D. Andrews

It’s a little slice of heaven … for your face. The first image you project to the world, the first message you send, is written on your face. And, coming up every day against the grimy pollution-ridden streets of the metropolis can leave a face looking tired and gray. A deep monthly facial can keep your complexion shiny clean, sending the first impression you intended.