Oxygen Lifting Facial

Oxygen Lifting Facial.jpg


60 minutes



6 sessions (includes retail homecare products)

Known as the “Beauty Secret of the Stars,” this treatment uses oxygen infusions for intense hydration, resulting in younger-looking skin and treatment for many common skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, premature aging, and dry skin.

The gentle, non-invasive treatment is the only one that could change the cellular structure of the skin over time. Hyperbaric Oxygen technology is a therapeutic oxygen infusion delivered by a rejuvenation serum. The serum’s base is hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, which stimulate the regeneration of new cells and the production of collagen and elastin.

Oxygen’s antibacterial properties kill acne-causing bacteria, close large pores, and ultimately clear the skin. An alternative to Restylane®, our Oxygen Lifting Facial also dramatically smooths, relaxes, and firms the eye contour area and plumps and softens the lips.

The treatment intensely hydrates the dermis and will leave the skin looking and feeling younger immediately. Madonna even calls the Intraceuticals® Oxygen treatment and rejuvenating serum the secret to her youthful skin!

This treatment is the perfect pre-wedding, party, or special event facial treat.