Microcurrent Facial


90 minutes

A facial uses high-frequency microcurrent to firm facial muscles and return them to their original position and shape, fighting many signs of aging and cleaning the skin of toxins.

Our Microcurrent Facial is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that lifts, tones, and firms sagging facial muscles. It produces spectacular results after the very first session.

The high-frequency electrical signals reach deep to the facial muscles and surrounding tissues and promote circulation, collagen production, cellular repair, and skin regeneration. Results are visible and include great tone, elasticity, and improved facial contours. Toxins are cleared from the tissues and the skin is re-oxygenated.

The Microcurrent facial erases fine lines, reduces deeper lines and crow’s feet, reduces dark circles and eye bags, and lifts and firms droopy eyelids. This treatment clears age spots and low-grade inflammation in addition to treating acne and rosacea. Your skin will leave intensely hydrated, lifted and toned.